Sale of coils – sheets and slit coils

Brefeo Hanse GmbH offers steel products of coils, slit coils and sheets. We offer these products in a variety of grades (first choice, over rolling, second choice and third choice).


Determined as customer needs.   Our logistics team tracks all orders anywhere in the world regardless of the size and method of the transportation.

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Galvanized Coil Properties:

  • Coil thickness: 0.20 mm – 5.00 mm
  • Coil width; min: 20 mm (slit) , max.1800 mm
  • Inner coil diameter: 508 mm/610 mm
  • Coil weight: min. 2 tons, max. 26 tons
  • Process and product controls are implemented throughout the production cycle.
  • Cutting, slitting and forming services are provided to manufacturers to deliver products with specific dimensions.

Coils, sheets, slit coils, corrugated sheets, trapezodial sheets, embossing, ridge.

Thickness range: 0.15mm – 7.00mm

Dx51, Dx52, DX53, DX54, S220, S250, S280, S320, S350, S390, S550,

HX300 LAD, HX340 LAD, HX380 LAD, HX420 LAD, HX460 LAD, HX500 LAD.